Duane Lee Chapman Update. Allegedly Fired Or Quit

I believe from Twitter posts from Beth Chapman and her foul mouthed daughter Cecily, that Duane Lee has been let go from DTBH.  This is the sad ending of a show derailed by big egos.  The show was replaced and buried by Storage Wars. Cecily stated that Duane Lee Chapman has thrown in all away. I think Duane Lee got sick of the yelling and foul mouth. Beth Smith was seen attacking Duane Lee and his girlfriend publicly.  Smith tweeted that he made bad choices and threw it all away.  Bailwoman MaryEllen tweeted that maybe Duane Lee has had enough of the drama and yelling.  MaryEllen also tweeted that they act different when the cameras are on.

Duane Lee was not involved in any filming in Montrose. This was proven by his absence at the Sheriff’s station. Duane Lee Chapman was not involved in the bar fight either and was absent again.  I think the show is afraid to be honest with the fans and tell the truth that Dog fired his oldest son.  I will post fan and media coverage of filming that will prove Dog fired his namesake son.

I can not prove it yet, but I will prove that Duane Lee Chapman is no longer on the show. Duane Lee should do a book. Agreement or not, everyone can write their life story

I wish they’d go back to the old format of the show – concentrating on Dog, Duane Lee, Leland and Tim. Now it’s turned into “The Beth Show.” Very disheartening!

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2 Responses to Duane Lee Chapman Update. Allegedly Fired Or Quit

  1. Kim says:

    Many of us our saying we wished it would return to the old format and also believe it’s turned into the Beth show. It’s obvious that DL and Leland are the stars (this is shown by A&E’s own poll) no matter what the title of the show is called. If they went back to the old format do you think DL and Leland even have the desire to continue being on the show anymore or do you think they’re through and just wish it was over? I’ve been debating as to whether DL had enough and left to be with his girlfriend or was fired. I can easily see how he would have enough and would just want to be done with it already. I also believe that they were fired and did not quit the last time there was an incident.

  2. Kim says:

    There hasn’t been any new posts or updates on here in awhile. What’s going on? It was tweeted about a week or so ago that Duane Lee was back to filming and is still on the show. He posted a pic of him and his gf with a ring on her hand on Oct. 5th. Which he pointed out for everyone to notice. When fans asked Beth about it she tweeted ‘not interested’ and ‘Sad day for Dog Fans :(….’.

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